Air Threading

For Your Greenlee

Now you can achieve state-of-the art tapping repeatability, thread quality and tap life on your Greenlee. Our self-adjusting Air Threading Clutch outperforms your existing mechanical threading clutch in speed, torque and RPM capabilities.

  • Greenlee Threading Clutch
  • Greenlee Gearbox Drive
  • Greenlee Gearbox Drive

Since Logan Threading Clutches are self adjusting, engagement is smooth and positive. Tap depth remains consistent over millions of parts. Also, the load on your tap is uniform, prolonging the life of the tap. Fewer tool changeovers are necessary, reducing downtime and perishable tooling costs.

Simple to install

Logan Air Threading clutches retrofit on to your existing Greenlees mechanical threading clutch drive cups and shaft.

Greenlee's are known for their high affordability and rugged build quality. By installing a Logan Clutch you significantly enhance the value of this older machine tool and help it continue to make you barrel loads of money for years more to come. Logan engineered pneumatic start up packages make the conversion simple and fast.

Greenlee's screw machines are available in the aftermarket at exceptional value prices. Many of these machines can be very productive for demanding requirements even today. In many instances the cost of the Lohan Air Threading can exceed the initial cash cost of the machine. However, that initial cost of the machine tool doesn't change the equation for the justification of the Air threading unit.. Adding a Logan Air Threading to a machine, even one purchased for only a few thousand dollars, can lower the total cost of ownership by reducing scheduled maintenance, reducing downtime, and eliminating parts without threads..  

Enhanced productivity means added revenue all while utilizing the same machine, operator and floor space!

Air Threading Clutches

Greenlee 1" - 6



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