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Logan Bell-Housing Power Take-off Clutches for Hog Technologies Waterblasters

Logan Bell Housing Power Take off Clutches for Hog Technologies Waterblasters

Posted By Andrew Logan
November 23, 2021 Category: Hydro Excavation, Mobile

“Over the 5 years we’ve been working with Logan, our technical support calls for clutches have been cut by 75%” – Curtis Crocker, Technical Support Lead at Hog   With vehicles operating in over 80 countries, Hog Technologies of Stuart, Florida has a variety of waterblasting products that are powered either via a PTO off the main vehicle engine or via a dedicated auxiliary engine. Hog switched from Twin DiscTM mechanical clutches to Logan Self-Adjusting Bell-Housing Power Take-off clutches for most of their auxiliary engine powered waterblasters. On the auxiliary engine driven products, Logan Bell-Housing PTO clutches provide connect-disconnect power from the engines to engage the waterblasting pumps. These waterblasters are used in a variety of applications, including pavement marking removal, roadway cleaning, airport runway rubber removal, and more. The Challenge:  Hog Technologies has customers all over the world. In order to help their customers make the most of their equipment, Hog will perform 4 days of on-site training. With the mechanical clutches, this training included operation of the lever arm for clutch engagement, manual adjustment of the clutch plates, and other clutch maintenance requirements. “The issue with the mechanical clutches is that the torque needs to be checked on a regular basis and reset; a lot of customers aren’t doing that, and they’re burning their clutches out,” says Curtis Crocker

Logan Bell Housing PTOs Now Available for Jet Stream Waterblasters

Logan Bell Housing PTOs Now Available for Jet Stream Waterblasters

Posted By Andrew Logan
April 13, 2018 Category: Bell Housing, Water Blasting, Hydro Excavation

Logan self-adjusting, hydraulically actuated Bell Housing Power Take-Off (PTO) clutches have been standard equipment on OEM marine and mobile equipment for over 18

Logan Bell Housing PTO's For Waterblasting Systems

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Waterblasting Systems

Posted By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category: Water Blasting, Hydro Excavation

Logan Bell Housing PTO’s For Waterblasting Systems


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