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Logan Bell-Housing PTO Clutches for Pumping Stations in Taipei

Logan Bell Housing PTO Clutches for Pumping Stations in Taipei

Posted By Andrew Logan
November 23, 2021 Category: Specialty Applications

The Jingmei River pumping station in Taipei, Taiwan uses Logan Bell-Housing Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches driven by CAT C27 diesel engines to supply power to the water pumps. The City of Taipei lies at the center of the Taipei basin. With many streams and rivers passing through the basin and flowing out to sea, the region is prone to flooding during the rainy seasons of summer and autumn. Controlling the excess water is critical to maintaining the safety of citizens and infrastructure, so the city government builds pumping stations in low-lying areas and near main waterway outlets to accelerate the discharge of excess water during flooding. At the Jingmei River pumping station, Logan distributor Formosa Fluid Power has supplied a pumping system that utilizes Logan LC314 and LC318 Bell-Housing Power Take-off (PTO) clutches to reliably transmit power from CAT C27 diesel engines and other engines to the water pumps through Flender gear boxes. The Challenge:  Many pumping stations use Twin Disc style mechanical clutches, a technology that has remained practically unchanged since the 1940s. Mechanical clutches require manual engagement via a lever arm that is usually in a position that is difficult to operate. Further, as the clutch plates wear, the pressure provided by the lever arm is no longer enough to engage properly, so operators must remove a cover plate and adjust the plates to ensure proper torque transfer during operation. In addition to the added labor of manual

Cyclone Power Pullers

Cyclone Power Pullers

Posted By Ed Gallucci
June 25, 2015 Category: Specialty Applications, Industrial

It is finally time for the wrap of the 2015 Quarter Scale season. With a challenging year filled with new obstacles and terrain, the payout of a top ten finish for both A and X teams reveal as the reward.


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