CAT C6.6 and 4.4

Logan PTOs for Cat C6.6 and 4.4 Engine


  • Air or fluid actuated from 90 to 140 psi.C6.6 150 kWe  with Logan PTO 600 Front Mount Kit
  • 25% more torque (1084 lb. ft.) and higher engagement speeds (1800 RPM).
  • The low profle, compact, Logan PTO design is suitable for workboats, fishing boats and Logan PTO pleasure craft.
  • Integrated torsional isolation coupling.
  • The Logan PTO aids in the reduction of emissions, energy, fuel costs and wear and tear on auxiliary attachments.
  • Engagement up to 1800 RPM's with optional SoftstartTM control.
  • Multiple optional accessory control packages to suit every model.
  • Output: SAE B, SAE C pump mount flanges and popular Dana shaft adapters.
  • No additional support required with up to a 300lb/136kg pump with a 26 3/8"/670mm CG


Partial View of  Logan Front Mount PTO Kit.

  • During maneuvering – which requires reduction of main engine speed, the
  • Logan PTO is used as a separate power source for bow and stern thrusters.
  • The PTO directly connects to a pump drive, which powers winches, reels, hoists, and deck pressure washers.
  • The PTO can be coupled to an alternator to supply electric power to other power consumers on the vessel.


600 lb. ft. of continious duty torque @ 100 psi.  - 140 psi. Max engagement speed is 1800 RPM.
Clutch shown with cover plate removed. Partial view of Logan Front Mount PTO Kit.

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