Five-Position Pump Drive - 5000 HP

Logan FlexaDrive 5-Position Pump Drive System 300 HP
For Engines up to 5000 HP / 3700 kW

Logan Clutch 5 Position Pump Drive 5000 HP | Logan Clutch

Left: FlexaDrive 5-position Pump Drive - Input Side
Right: FlexaDrive 5-position Pump Drive - Output Side

The Logan 5-Position Pump Drive is outfitted for up to ten (10) PTI/PTO pads, and can accommodate up to 5000 HP / 3700 kW Engines, with maximum speeds up to 2000 RPM. Total heads capacity of 600 HP / 450 kW. A single head has a maximum 200 HP / 150 kW. Various step up gear ratios are available for direct drive PTO’s.

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