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Logan Microprocessor Based Mobile Controls 

Logan offers simple, microprocessor control solutions for Industrial, Marine and Mobile Equipment. Control capabilities range from monitoring the overall condition of the clutch: i.e. input speed, output speed, temperature, pressure, and condition of the clutch itself – to real time access to clutch condition and data via laptops, USB’s, and smart phones with WiFi capabilities. An optional color graphical display is available for machines not equipped with a machine-operator interface.

  • I/O Module: Solid State Micro Processor Based Module
  • Color Display: solid-state 4.3 inch color display in plastic enclosure
  • WiFi Module: Allows for monitoring of location, status, and health of clutch via USB, PC, smart phone via wireless interface

Where Used:

• Road Milling and Grinding Equipment
• Dredging and Trenching Equipment
• Tub Grinding and Rock Crushing Equipment
• Industrial and Mobile Equipment


  • Simple, Modular, and Easy to Use
  • Records Data and Events
  • Real Time Access to Clutch condition via WiFi  Module (optional)
  • Simplifies Trouble Shooting and Performance Analysis
  • Preventative Maintenance via Planned Shutdowns vs. Emergency Situations

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