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Air Threading Clutches, Hi-Lo Retrokit Drive Clutches and Controls for Screw Machines

Logan Clutch Corporation is an OEM manufacturer of hydraulic and air actuated clutches. They are used in Acme-Gridley, New Britain, Wickman, Davenport, Warner & Swasey, Euroturn, and Gildemeister Screw machines. In addition, Logan manufactures screw machine controls, (microprocessor controls) and real-time data collection software to use in conjunction its control system.

  • Logan 2-speed Pick-Off Drive and Brake for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley
  • Logan Air Pick-Off Drive Attachment for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley Screw Machine
  • Logan Air Threading Clutch Attachment for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley Screw Machine
  • Ideal Parts for Generation III Air Pick-Offs Logan Single and 2-Speed Stop and DropTM Pick-Off Drives.
  • Logan 1-speed Pick-Off Drive and Brake for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley
  • Typical view of factory-assembled valve manifold, pressure regulator, hose and fittings for Logan kits. Kits vary, based on machine configuration.
  • Logan Air Pick-Off Drive Attachment for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley Screw Machine
  • 1-1/4 RA-6 2-Speed Pick-Off Drive With Brake - Under Power.
  • CS2001XT16
  • Close-up of 2nd and 4th Speed Drive Clutch, Drive Cup and sprocket. Brown & Sharpe Screw Machine
  • Logan Spindle Drive Clutches for No. 2 and No. 3 Brown & Sharpe 4-Speed Ultramatics.
  • LoganNet Screw Machine WiFi Network
  • AcmeGridley Screw Machine with Logan Clutch Controls
  • Logan Hi Lo Retrokits for Model B Davenports
  • Logan Hi Lo Retrokits for New Britains
  • Roll Clutch Removal Feature. Logan Hi Lo Retrokits for New Britains Screw Machines
  • Logan Retrokit for Acme-Gridleys -  Increase productivity 10-20 Percent
  • CS 2001  Micro-processor Controls for  Screw Machines

Where Used:

  • Acme-Gridley
  • New Britain
  • Euroturn
  • Davenport
  • Wickman
  • Conomatic


  • Self-adjusting disc pack (no slippage)
  • Extremely accurate - uniform thread depth over millions of parts 
  • Large cylinder: piston area for maximum torque
  • Up To 200% more torque than mechanical clutches
  • Simple to install
  • Most Logan Air Threading™Clutches utilize existing clutch drive cups, (clutch gears), spacers and shafts
  • Increase tap life through positive clutch engagement
  • Eliminates mechanical linkages lever arms, adjusting collars, dog levers, spring pins, yokes, clutch sleeves, etc.
  • Eliminates mechanical clutch adjustment


Logan Clutch proudly supplies OEM replacement products for:

Bullard, National Acme, Davenport, Conomatic, New Britain, SNM, Wickman, Giddings & Lewis, Lucas, Brown & Sharpe, Warner & Swasey, Euroturn, Mori-Say, ZPS, Tornos, Cincinnati Machine, Motch, Fellows.

Logan Clutch is the market leader in replacement clutches for all brands of screw machines. Additionally, many machine tool rebuilders rely upon Logan engineering expertise when remanufacturing high-value machine tools.

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For Your Acme-Gridley

Logan Hi-Capacity Air Threading®

Increase Productivity and Quality

  • Self-Adjusting Disc Pack - No Slippage
  • Extremely Accurate - Uniform Thread Depth Over Millions of Parts
  • Large Cylinder - Piston Area For Maximum Torque
  • Up To 200% More Torque Than Mechanical Clutches

Convenient to Maintain

  • Increase Tap Life Through Positive Clutch Engagement
  • Eliminates Mechanical Linkages – Lever Arms, Adjusting Collars, Dog Levers, Spring Pins, Yokes, Clutch Sleeves, etc.
  • Eliminates Mechanical Clutch Adjustment

Simple to Install

Most Logan Air Threading Clutches Utilize Existing Clutch Drive Cups, (Clutch Gears), Spacers and Shafts

HI Capacity Air Threading on 1-1/4RA-6 Acme Gridley Acme-Gridley Mechanical Clutch Diagram | Logan Clutchbefore and after

For Your Acme-GridleyHi-Lo Retrokit

Logan Hi-Lo Retrokit®

Retrokit® Features:

  • Reduces Idle Time Between Speed Changes
  • Replaces Mechanical Clutches, Roll Clutch, Band Brake
  • and Linkages with Fast-Acting Air-Actuated Logan Clutches
  • Positive, Crisp Logan Clutch Engagement Guarantees
  • Cycle Time Repeatability
  • Simplifies Clutch Maintenance - No Disc Pack Adjustment
  • or Slippage
  • Quick-Stop, Power-Applied Brake - Prevents Machine Coasting 
Mechanical v. Logan Hi-Lo Retrokit


  • Increase Productivity From 10-20%
  • Tools Can Be Positioned Closer to the Work Piece Due to Repeatable High and Low-Speed Clutch Engagement
  • Better Machine Utilization - More Productivity from Existing Machines, Operators and Floor Space



Additional parts Justification worksheet for Acme Gridleyproduced per year - 160,000
With Hi-Lo Retrokit 

Total added revenue to company’s $ 24,000.00
top line, utilizing existing machine, operator and floor space 

Above calculation based on 10%
increase in productivity - Varies by machine condition




Logan Control Systems

The Logan CS2001XTTM  Microprocessor ControlLogan CS2001XT Microprocessor Control

The CS2001XT is specifically designed to bring new machine technology to your existing fleet of screw machines. With features such as Tool Counters, Thread Check, Machine LockUp Detection, Stock Load and more, the XT offers screw machine users more flexibility during set-ups, and increases overall machine productivity.

All the Features of the XT16 Plus:

  • Full Pre-Wired Push-Button Control Station, and Remote Station
  • Eliminates Relay Logic
  • 35 Programmable Tool Counters
  • Air, Coolant, Lube Pressure Monitor Capability

Plus many more features - call for details

Panel Face Displays Cycle Time, Part count, and machine position in degrees


Logan Spindle Carrier Indexing Kits


Retrofit Your Acme-Gridley with a Logan Hi-Lo Retrokit and Indexer Right on Your Shop Floor

Reduce Idle Time Between Gear Changes:

  • Increase Capacity and Profitability
  • More Productivity from Existing Machines,
  • Floor Space and Operators
  • Better Machine Utilization
  • Lower Maintenance Costs

Smooth, Faster Acting Logan Spindle Carrier Indexing Kits
for your Acme-Gridley

  • Index up to 25% Faster - Save Time, Money and
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Idle Time Between Speed Changes - More
  • Capacity and Profitability
  • Requires 75% Less Input Torque - Reduces Maintenance Costs

Reduce Idle Time on Your Acme-Gridley up to 25% 
We replace the older Geneva-style indexing mechanism, spiral bevel gears, and Indexing arm on your Acme with our smooth, faster acting Logan Indexer, Fast Bevel Gears and Heavy-duty Indexing Arm

Spiral Bevel Gears Indexer Kit hardware and accessories Indexer and Indexer Arm Acme-Gridley Machine Number Model chart

For Your Davenport Model BDavenport Air Threading Clutch

Logan Air Threading®

Air Threading Clutches are Self Adjusting - No Slippage!
Since Logan Air Threading Clutches are self-adjusting, they eliminate the need for your operator to mechanically adjust the threading clutch, providing your machine operator or maintenance person additional time to troubleshoot more complicated manufacturing challenges.

Retrofits Easily with Early and Late Model Davenports
This new Air-Threading clutch package has been designed to enable users of early and late model Davenports to easily retrofit their existing machines that currently use mechanical threading with this new Logan Air-Threading Clutch arrangement.

Air-Threading is Available on New Davenport Machines Too!

Increase Productivity and QualityRetrofits with Early and Late Model Davenports

  • Self-Adjusting Disc Pack – No Slippage
  • Accurate, Uniform Thread Depth 
  • Increase Tap Life Through Positive Clutch Engagement

Convenient to Maintain

  • Eliminates Mechanical Linkages – Lever Arms, Adjusting Collars, Dog Levers, Spring Pins, Yokes and Clutch Sleeves
  • In Stock – Disc Packs, Bearing Kits and Seal Kits, Complete With Installation Data Sheets


Uniform tap depth over millions of partseliminates mechanical linkage

For Your Davenport Model BLogan Hi Lo Retrokit

Hi-Lo Retrokit®


  • Increase productivity from 10-20%, or more!
  • Tools can be positioned closer to the work piece due to repeatable high and low-speed clutch engagement
  • Better machine utilization - More productivity from existing machines, operators and floor space

Hi-Lo Retrokit Features:

  • Reduces idle time between speed changes
  • Replaces mechanical clutches, roll clutch, band brake and linkages with fast-acting air-actuated clutches
  • Positive, crisp Logan Clutch engagement guarantees cycle time repeatability
  • Simplifies clutch maintenance - No disc pack adjustment or slippage
  • Quick-stop, power applied brake - Prevents machine coasting
  • Low-speed clutch design reduces idle time while machine operates more consistently

Savings:Retrofits on to your existing machine - factory or field retrofitted

  • Increase overall machine productivity from 10- 20%
  • Reduce cycle time - Tools can be positioned closer to the work piece due to repeatable high and low speed clutch-engagement•
  • LockUp detection feature - detects main drum rotation and shuts down your machine if a lock-up condition occurs

“Go To” Stock Load Positioning

  • Our power applied brake feature stops your Model B in the correct position to load bars – “jogging” the machine into bar load position during stock up is eliminated – reducing manual load time as much as 50%!
  • Stops machine within 1-degree of manual bar load position
  • Prevents machine coasting – Minimizes cut-off tool breakage

Ideal for Bar Loaders Too!

  • Accurately positions your Model B in the “Bar Load Window” to accept bar stock from bar loaders, and more

Davenport timing chartmore than twice the torque to move your stock reel and accurate braking optimizes your bar loader investment









Roll clutch removal enhances cycle time repeatabilityCS2001XT PanelDavenport HP (Servo B) vs. Loganized Model B



















Ask us About Logan Air Threading® Clutches and Hi-Lo Retrokits® with Controls for Your Wickmans and New Britain

Air Threading for your WickmanLogan Air Threading for your New Britain










Logan Spindle Drive Clutches For Your “00” No. 2 and No. 3 Brown & Sharpe 4-Speed Ultras

Brown and Sharpe Increase tool feed rates in multiple speeds








Air Pick-Off Drives for Acme, Wickman, ZPS and New Britain

Brings Spindle to Complete Stop  Prior to Part Ejection










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