Industrial / Specialty

Multiple Disc Clutches for Industrial and
Specialty Applications

Logan's Hydraulic / Pneumatic Clutches Have Multiple Industrial and Specialty Applications 

Logan offers a variety of clutch and brake solutions for specialty applications, including:
Main and Auxiliary Propulsion, Hybrid Drives, Winches, Drawworks, Gensets, and Variable Speed Motor Generator.

Logan leads the way in manufacturing hydraulic / pneumatic clutches that are shaft mounted, bore and keyed and splined or modified. They are uniquely designed to easily connect and disconnect the driven units from an electric motor, engine or other power source. Applications include: automated packaging equipment, power dividers, material handling equipment, dynamometers and other specialty machinery.

Logan clutches are designed in a series, are hydraulically or pneumatically actuated, and can operate in a wet (oil) or dry environment. Our modified standards can be engineered to meet specific customer and application design requirements that are outside of our standard catalog offering (Torque, RPM, Horsepower, or Envelope).

Logan is an OEM manufacturer whose products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Logan Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing and Service Personnel are available to answer your questions on catalog specs, parts and service details, and overall inquiries regarding your specific design requirements. Our Global Parts and Service department is available to you 24/7 through Logan and our Dealer / Distributor Network.

  • Logan Bell Housing PTO for Dust Suppression Systems
  • This Logan P80 Series Clutch and Drive Cup on this Automated Packaging System is Positioned to Act as a Power Applied Brake
  • SAE No. 3 Flywheel Mounted Logan LC-111 Bell Housing PTO on a 115 HP Diesel Engine
  • SAE No. 3 Flywheel Mounted Logan LC-111 Bell Housing PTO Drive the Custom Road Grinding Machine
  • Logan P450 series air / pneumatic clutch used as a connect-disconnect for an automotive crank shaft test stand

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