Spindle Drive Clutch

Increase Tool Feed Rates In Multiple SpeedsLogan Spindle Drive Clutches for No. 2 and No. 3 Brown & Sharpe 4-Speed Ultramatics.

Tired of repairing and replacing electromagnetic spindle drive clutches and clutch coils in your Ultramatic? Logan has the answer. Logan has developed a simple 4-Speed Spindle Drive Retrokit package which increases tool feed rates in multiple speeds and reduces idle time between speed changes on your No. 2 and No. 3 Ultras.

Consistent, Accurate, Reliable Productivity

close up of 2nd and 4th speed clutch, drive cup and sprocketIt’s simple - Air actuated Logan clutches can cycle more efficiently and effectively than the old style electromagnetic clutches - giving you consistent, accurate, reliable productivity. Old-style electromagnetic clutches are renowned for creating residual DC magnetism, which hampers electromagnetic clutch engagement and disengagement - creating unwanted machine idle time, downtime and maintenance headaches.


Run more aggressive cycle times!

Mr. Dewey Lambert of United Mfg., Washington State: “I’ve been using Logan Clutches in my Ultramatics for three years. They haven’t missed a beat. I can reliably change the spindle speeds and run more aggressive cycle times–without the hassle, downtime, and expense that I encountered with the old-style electromagnetic base clutches. Each time a magnetic clutch fails–I replace the set with Logan Clutches!”

Each Logan Spindle Drive Retrokit is furnished complete with Clutches, Drive Cups, Sprockets, an Electrical-Pneumatic Start-up Kit, and Detailed Schematics
Side view of logan clutches, drive cups, bearings, etc., included with each kit

Consistent, Reliable Productivity


  • Effectively Increase Tool Feed Rates in Multiple Speeds
  • Reduce Idle Time Between Speed Changes
  • Eliminates DC Circuit for Base Clutches
  • Cycle Spindle Speeds More Aggressively Without Damaging the Base Clutch
  • Reduces the need to use left-handed tooling by preserving the four-speed option

Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • View of Standard Electrical and Pneumatic components furnished with each kitEliminates Magnetic Attraction of Foreign Particles to Disc Pack and Bearings.
  • Crisp, Positive Clutch Engagement–No Slippage
  • Factory or Field Retrofitted

Convenient to Maintain

  • Logan Clutches are Self-AdjustingTM. Piston travel increases automatically to accommodate disc wear.
  • Logan Clutches are Air Actuated and cycle more efficiently and effectively than the electromagnetic DC clutches.
  • At Logan Clutch, service time, Disc Packs, Bearing Kits and Seal Kits, along with factoryinstallation data sheets simplify maintenance.


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